Randy Thieben

Randy Thieben, the founder and principal of Randy Thieben Productions (RTP), is a veteran news/media production specialist in addition to being a veteran KU satellite truck operator.

In Randy’s own words:

During my 17 plus years as a full time advanced visual storyteller, I’m always looking for any opportunity to further challenge and develop my skills, motivation, enthusiasm, and passion for telling compelling stories via my medium of choice. My broadcast philosophy is simple; a sincere compassion for my subjects and complete respect for my co-workers. As visual storytellers we must step up to the camera every day no matter what the assignment, to develop new ways of keeping our viewers interested in our stories. We must continue to challenge ourselves to take chances and experiment with new ways to shoot, edit, use audio, and tell stories; ALWAYS with the viewer in mind.


I’m a hardworking and reliable NPPA style video journalist / storyteller with a proven record for consistently turning over quality work with a positive attitude. I am accustomed and thrive in a fast-paced team oriented environment, where deadlines are a priority and handling multiple jobs simultaneously is the norm. I truly enjoy my job as a visual storyteller and it shows. I work hard on my own and within the chain of command to attain a common goal of a creative and unique product that stands out above the rest. My attention to details and “think on your feet” approach has also allowed me to fine-tune all the creative, technical, and professional skills necessary to remain consistent and be known around newsrooms as the “go to guy.”

Please take a moment to review my video samples which I feel fully demonstrate the passion, diversity, versatility and endless self-motivation
I value most in my life.sundance 2014

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