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Randy Thieben with Clint Eastwood

Randy Thieben, left, with Client, Clint Eastwood in front of one of his sat trucks.

Randy Thieben Productions is a full-service EFP/ENG (Electronic Field Production and Electronic News Gathering) production company based in San Francisco California.

Founded and operated by Randy Thieben, a veteran news/ media producer and satellite truck operator

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We specialize provide HD and SD video content and distribution for

  • network news

  • corporate

  • PR

  • educational

  • sports

  • events

At last, a company focused on getting you results at affordable rates:

IMG_2269RTP is unique in that we are a owner/ operator SMALL business here in the bay area with a strong background in Video Pre and Post Production. We know what works and what doesn’t in marketing products, events and services. We are not really interested in winning awards, instead we are focused on increasing sales for your company.

Our services include:

and more….All with a focus on marketing your event, product or service. We believe entertaining your prospective customers is fine, but our goal is to make them excited to buy from you.

We specialize in video for broadcast, live events and the web, however, we can handle most aspects of your visual & audio marketing needs.  Mostly we serve the greater BAY area, but we are available to travel to wherever we are needed.  Give us a call today at 831-325-5271 and we will answer any questions you may have.

RTP Video Production • was incorporated in 2004, with the goal of providing small businesses quality digital media while adhering to business marketing fundamentals that so many graphics houses seem to miss.  Our industry is ever expanding and we make it a priority for our clients that we stay on the cutting edge with the work we create. We integrate video and web to provide a complete package for our clients.  Find our client list here.

For more info on our Satelite services check-out: Central Coast Uplink

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