SMTs – Satellite Media Tours:

fairmont 2013Randy Thieben Productions has reached millions of people via satellite transmission. Half of the American public, approximately 130 million people, look to television for all of their news. They do not read newspapers or news magazines. They are not reached through words, but through pictures, video footage and broadcast interviews. To reach this massive audience, many companies participate in Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) to deliver their messages in a timely, credible and cost-effective way.

Here’s why:

  • Regular traveling media tours are expensive and time consuming.
  • SMTs can target stations in your key markets.
  • Unlike video news releases, station bookings let you know your results in advance.

Instead of having your spokesperson spend days or weeks on the road meeting with target media face-to-face, all interviews can occur on one day from one studio locale. By making sure you have a timely, interesting subject to discuss, some in-studio visuals and/or B-roll footage, the SMT can reach a vast audience.

Here’s how it works:

Television and cable stations are informed about the SMT topic and spokesperson days before the SMT. They then reserve time to conduct an interview with the spokesperson via satellite. During the SMT, your spokesperson talks directly to television stations across the country about your products and services, and sometimes even gives demonstrations.

Satellite Media Tours are growing in popularity as a cost-effective means for delivering live interviews to affiliates across the country. CCU offers the flexibility of production and uplink capabilities in the same satellite uplink truck, improving coordination and lowering costs.

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