Equipment List

Our equipment Sony panasonic, JVC and a ton of lighting. Arri, Lowell.

Our equipment Sony Panasonic, JVC and a ton of lighting. Arri, Lowell.

Equipment on Production Van #1

RTP rolls with the latest in HD production gear.

If we don’t have what your production requires we can usually get it from one of our partners within 24 hours.

At RTP, we pride ourselves on the quality of our video production. Even though most video we shoot goes to web or DVD, the fact that we start off with very high quality footage, our finished videos end up sharp, crisp, and full of color. A couple of items to think about when choosing a video production company.
All HD is not created equal. Our cameras shoot 4k and full 1080p. To understand the difference, visit this page on Wikipedia. In short, SD (Standard Definition) is 720×480 and has 345,600 pixels, HD 720p has 921,600 pixels, and HD 1080p has 2,073,600 pixels. This means that HD 1080p has 6 times more pixels (and information) than SD, and results in 6 times the quality.

• 4:2:2 chroma subsampling is important. To understand why, visit this page on Wikipedia. Without getting real technical, chroma subsampling is how much color information is encoded in the video. 4:2:2 carries twice as much color information as 4:1:1 and 4:2:0 (which is what the new h.264 codec uses). RTP ALWAYS OFFERS THIS OPTION.

 Equipment List:

  • Panasonic HPX 370 or AG-HVX 160 – full 1080p,  (1920×1080)
  • Panasonic GH5  MOVI rig.  w/ wide-angle lens (14-20mm)
  • DJI Phantom 2 w/GoPro
  • YOU NAME IT.. ALL formats available with notice.


Additional professional cameras of ANY format available for multiple camera shoots with notice.
Audio Equipment:
• Two Sennheiser G3 wireless lav systems.
• Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun mic with Softie
• Sennheiser ME65 Handheld mic
• Boompole & stand for shotgun mic.
Lighting Equipment:
• 1000w & 500w Lowel Rifa softbox (chimera) lights
• DURACAST (broad, back)
• IKAN spot
• Litepanels Mini LED on camera light
• 500w x 2 Impact flood lights
• Lowel Big Boom (10ft stand with 10.5 ft reach)
• 42″ 5in1 collapsible reflector (gold, silver, silver/gold, white, translucent)
• 5′ x 7′ collapsible reversible background (black, white)
Chroma Key / Green Screen:
• Botero 8ft x 16ft Green Screen, portable with stands.



Digital Compositing and Digital Imaging:
• Workstation – Cutting edge custom built video editing workstation that pushes three 24″ wide screen monitors.
uses Adobe Master Collection Suite CS5.5
• After Effects – Compositing, Motion Graphics, and Visual Effects (VFX) with Trapcode Suite, most Red Giant, Knoll Light Factory, & Zaxwerks ProAnimator 3D plug-ins.
• Premiere Pro – uncompressed 1920×1080 editing
• Photoshop & Illustrator integrated design
• Audition & Soundbooth 32bit float sound editing & 5.1 surround mixing
• Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H264 BluRay, QuickTime, WindowsMedia & Flash encoding available.

IF we don’t have it we can get it from our vast network of affiliates and
rental houses.   Usually within 24hours !


Our mobile unit was was the very first ENG/SNG designed by ENG Mobile Systems for rapid response and practical live solutions. CCU’s uplink systems are built on the easily-maneuverable Ford E-350 Super Cargo Van (we don’t stop at weigh stations). Standard ENG duties are archieved through fully proven rack electronics. For SNG operation, the Alpha 1.8 satellite antenna is integrated with a GPS auto positioner, 2x UPCOM encoders offering 2 paths of digital MPEG4 HD KU, fully redundant power source and other advanced digital components to provide today’s highest levels of reliability rock-solid performance.
The interior layout of our platform provides room to work comfortably, with maximum rack space (84RU) and separate stations for transmission and our NLE editing equipment.

Satellite & Production Truck

CCU Satellite & Production Van

Satellite Truck Equipment specs include:

Satellite Electronics:

  • 2 x Digital HD/SDI MPEG4
    DVBS2 8PSK Encoders
  • 2x digital Scopus 2600 Satellite Decoder
  • 550 watt ETM KU band amplifiers
  • LNR KU bank exciter x2
  • Satellite IRD receiver, MT-900b x2
  • HD/SD/SDI routing with multiple control panels

Power Station:

  • 2 – 5kw KOHLER generators
  • 2000w Inverter – Exeltek
  • Hydraulic jacks with auto level45 APH battery charger
  • 12vdc Compressor
  • 3 digital cell phones (Telular) with 12 watt boosters and 1 fully integrated satellite cell
CCU Van on the roadside

CCU Van on the roadside

Rack Electronics:

    • Tektronix- Spectrum and Waveform Monitors
    • Studio Technology 750 – Audio Mixer
    • Sony, Marshall and TVONE HDSDI color Monitors
    • ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE 6.5 fully integrated with AJA KONA video card- YEs we can feed your portable footage
    • PL Line – Rts MCE325 station
    • Handy Reel and 1500 foot of 2 video, 3 audio wire
  • 1500′ TAC4 FIBER reel