Our team is ready to jump in and get you the quality visuals you need.

Randy Thieben with Clint Eastwood

Randy Thieben, left, with Client, Clint Eastwood in front of one of his sat trucks.

Randy Thieben Productions is a full service Video and satellite SNG/ENG production company based in San Francisco California.

It’s founded and headed by Veteran News/Media Producer & Owner/Chief engineer of Central Coast Uplink, Randy Thieben. RTP specializes in providing HD video content and distribution for network news, corporate, PR, educational, sports, concerts and major events.

WHAT makes RTP a one stop company?….

It’s simple… We supply the whole package when it comes to your video production needs. Our network credentialed crews are widely respected in national media circles for our creative shooting, producing and editing. We provide cameras, visual storytellers, lighting, audio-techs and production assistants.

We specialize in fast deployment and you can’t beat the local crews in knowing the area.Rancho Bernardo - Witch Creek Fire - October 2007 Spot or Breaking News 24/7,
 Sports highlights, athlete profiles and locker room interviews
. On-location live shots (hooking up to our own ENG or SNG, 2 path HD Satellite Truck), 
B-Roll and VO/SOTs, 
”As Lives” or you name it.  Whether you’re capturing a fast-breaking news story in downtown San Francisco or producing a corporate video anywhere in the western states RTP.com and its proven partnerships can deliver an experienced crew who focus on creativity and customer service With over two decades of reliable and affordable experience, plus state of the art equipment, RT.com will meet the unique logistical and production challenges of breaking news and news magazine programming. Virtually every webcasting, broadcast and cable network, including ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS, CBS, FOX, CNN and Aljazzera TV calls RTP to take care of critical production and editing services on tough assignments.